Rainier Tab



Bringing people together to play in and enjoy the wild of the Pacific Northwest is what Rainier Beer is all about. That’s why giving back and caring for the Pacific Northwest is one of Rainier’s core values. How does Rainier give back you ask? Great question!

We call it - Tabs for Good.

It’s Rainier’s annual charitable giving campaign that runs from January through March. During this time the tabs on Rainier Beer cans turn red and people can virtually or physically collect these tabs and donate them to any one of the non-profit partners that Rainier has chosen to partner with for the year.

This year we are partnering with three non-profits that make a tremendous impact in the Pacific Northwest, The Pacific Northwest Trail Association, Protect Our Winters (POW) and Conservation Northwest. Each non-profit has a different, but equally important initiative.

How can you help? We thought you would never ask!

Collect Rainier Beer tabs and donate them to the charity of your choice! Each organization Rainier has partnered with has an initiative that will be supported if the charity receives their tab goal.