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Pacific Northwest Trail Association
Pacific Northwest Trail Association

Providing opportunities for all to experience the Pacific Northwest Trail is central to our mission.

We created the Pacific Northwest Trail and advocated for its place in our National Trails System — the gold standard for long-distance trails in America. Today, we strive to build a better PNT and to improve access with trail information and outreach.

2020 Pacific Northwest Trail Association Initiative

Help maintain 20 Miles of the Pacific Northwest Trail!

From lush rainforests to rugged mountain crests, keeping the Pacific Northwest Trail open is hard work. Sweat, skill, perseverance and crosscut saws are what keep trails clear of nature's heavy toll. Help our hardworking crews tame 20 miles of wilderness trail by donating your tabs to PNTA.

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Conservation Northwest
Conservation Northwest

Our mission is to protect, connect and restore wildlands and wildlife from the Washington Coast to the British Columbia Rockies. Founded in Bellingham in 1989, our M.O. is simple: connect the big landscapes, restore iconic wildlife and protect our natural heritage for future generations.

Our approximately 20 staffers and half a dozen regular contractors represent nearly 4,000 dues-paying members in Washington, British Columbia and beyond. Our conservation community also includes more than fifteen thousand activists, supporters and online followers.

Bold, innovative and effective, we’ve protected hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlands, supported the recovery of threatened species from wolves to fishers, and touched thousands of lives throughout the greater Northwest. We recognize that for long-term progress, conservation must go hand-in-hand with healthy communities. Our successful campaigns and groundbreaking collaborations help define our effective approach to conservation. Conservationists, farmers, hikers and climbers, hunters and anglers—we all share a love for wildness, wild animals and careful stewardship of the natural legacy we leave for generations to come. We know that by working together, we’re building a stronger, wilder future in the Pacific Northwest!

2020 Conservation Northwest Initiative

Help Conservation Northwest restore 2,000 acres near Mount Rainier!

Support the restoration of 2,000 acres of public forest lands between Mount Rainier National Park and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, areas vital for the recovery of wolves, wolverines, salmon, and other wildlife, and also popular for outdoor recreation.

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Protect Our Winters
Protect Our Winters

POW addresses climate change by turning passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. We are a community of athletes, thought pioneers and forward-thinking business leaders working to affect systemic political solutions to climate change.

We champion a future of carbon neutrality by highlighting the fundamental connection between climate change and its impact on the outdoor experiences that people love.

2020 POW Initiative

Help train and send 50 Athletes to DC to turn passion into purpose!

In more than a dozen trips to DC, POW has proven that Olympic medals and Everest summits are an effective tool to gaining access to decision-makers.

Warming winters threaten not only the winter sports industry but the entire $887 billion-dollar outdoor recreation economy in the United States. “Climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue and we know that bipartisan action will be necessary to address our warming winters,” says Mario Molina, Executive Director of Protect Our Winters. Representatives from mountain states have a clear reason to lead this caucus, as warming winters threaten the economies of their districts.”

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